Unveiling Samarkand’s Cosmic Enigma: The Mysterious ‘Star Gate’ of 1903 and Extraterrestrial Visions.

Samarkand is a city in Uzbekistan (Central Asia). It is located at the foot of the Alai Mountains, at an altitude of 720 meters. In the southeast, 400 km away, are the famous Pamir mountains.

Samarkand was known to the ancient Greeks as “Marakanda”, being famous for the fertile plain “Zarashon”, called by the Greeks “Polytimetos”. The city was founded by the Persians, and in 329 BC the citadel was conquered by Alexander the Great. Under Muslim rule, the city’s development was rapid, especially under the Persian rule of the Samanid dynasty. The Mongols under the leadership of Ginghis Khan destroy the city in 1220. Under the reign of the Mongol Khan Timur Lenk, Samarkand becomes the capital of his empire. In 1925, the city became the capital of Uzbekistan, the capital was later moved to Tashkent.

Why did I make this introduction? Because, in a 1903 photo taken in Samarkand (Uzbekistan), some archaeologists can be seen standing in front of a kind of “star gate”! This gate is one of the rarest artifacts I have ever seen. It looks like something taken from a sci-fi movie or as if it comes from another dimension! (By the way, do you remember the sci-fi series “Stargate  ? )

Unfortunately, the “star gate” is no longer in any museum in the world, but it is possible that it ended up in a private collection. On the other hand, look at the characters on the edges of the gate… Similar characters can also be found in the “Stargate” series ! Were the producers of this series inspired by this mysterious discovery?

Where is the artifact now? And why did they hide it?

PS On the Internet, this photo caused some discussion. Some believe that the picture is fake, i.e. manipulated. But until there is very clear proof that she was “photoshopped”, we have to give her credit.

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