Newborn Kitten Lost Their Mother, Screaming In Despair, But No One Wants Her

Newborn Kitten Lost Their Mother, Screaming In Despair, But No One Wants Her We found a stray kitten about 1 week old on the road, we immediately went up and hugged it. It was scared and cried loudly. People passed by but no one helped it. it was very scared and wanted to go home. It was still very small and could not walk yet, so we took a towel and wrapped it to keep it from the cold. We brought it home and made milk for it to drink, it looked so adorable. It’s a girl, we named her SoDa. SoDa didn’t know how to walk yet, we taught her to walk. Then we cleaned her face and ears from dirt. She feels very comfortable and happy when we take care of her. She immediately fell asleep, which was probably the best sleep of her life. She had to go through difficult days, without food or water. But now that she is a happy kitten, we will try to take good care of SoDa. Thank you for always accompanying us. Please like, comment and share our videos to spread good deeds to everyone…

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