At The Midnight, He Sobbed, Begging for Mercy From Passersby

At The Midnight, He Sobbed, Begging for Mercy From Passersby

Meet Codrut! A stray puppy, he lost his owner while walking. While panicking and trying to find his owner. He collided with a truck. The truck had left, leaving a broken soul on the cold road. Codrut endured a lot of pain and lay motionless on the side of the road. Frightened and full of anxiety, he lay in the cold weather. Codrut struggled to hold back the pain, turning his head to wait for someone to help.

But now it’s midnight, there aren’t any cars stopping to help him. Trembling with hunger, Codrut was completely helpless. He cried a lot. In the midst of despair, Codrut is stopped by a couple named Nils Ong to help him. Nils Ong was in pain when he saw this scene. After 15 minutes of reassurance, they hugged Codrut in their arms, put Codrut in the car, but the wife couldn’t stop crying. They cry, the puppy cries too. Lonely souls have found each other…

Codrut was brought to Vet with a towel covered, and they cuddled him repeatedly to make him trust them more. Codrut trembled with pain.

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