the scientific community increasingly recognizes the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial UFO(OVNI).


American research also reveals that a fifth of scientifically minded experts have seen, or someone they know, has seen a UFO.

More than 10 percent of scientists believe UFOs could be extraterrestrial objects, according to a study.

The mystery over whether unidentified flying objects, UFOs, are extraterrestrial spacecraft has persisted for decades, but has received little formal study.

But a survey of more than 1,400 academics in the US by researchers at the University of Louisville asked experts about their views on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), the new term used for UFOs.


It revealed that a fifth of scientifically minded experts have seen, or someone they know, has seen a UFO.

About a third were interested in studying UFO phenomena themselves, and 39 percent were unsure of the most likely explanation for UFOs.

‘Devices of unknown intelligence’ One in five (21 per cent) thought the UFO sightings were natural events, while one in eight (13 per cent) said “devices of unknown intelligence” was the most likely explanation.

Scientists showed interest and desire to investigate UFOs properly, but interest in doing so would increase, the data showed, if a reputable academic led the way and blazed a trail and if legitimate funding was available.


Most scientists thought that academia should be involved to some extent in the search for UFOs, and 64 percent considered scientists’ involvement in UAP-related research to be very important or absolutely essential.

“Without opening a debate about UAP, academia will not have the vocabulary necessary to contribute to the conversation,” the authors wrote in their study, published in the journal Humanities and Social Science Communications.

“Without a vocabulary, academia could give up a much-needed voice on a topic already complicated by classification, stigma, and perception management.”

They added: “The results showed that teachers believe that academic evaluation of UAP information and more academic research on this topic is important.

“Curiosity overcame skepticism or indifference.

“Teachers varied in personal explanations of UAP, with nearly one-fifth reporting observations of UAP.”


New UFO Sighting Last month, the Pentagon released a new sighting of a UFO that looked like an “orb” flying over the Middle East.

Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, said the US government was investigating more than 650 UAP reports.

He told a Senate Armed Services subcommittee hearing that the number of sightings investigated had nearly doubled since the release of an unclassified intelligence report earlier this year.

Kirkpatrick said: “Of those 650, we’ve prioritized about half of them as having interesting anomalous value, and now we have to look at them and say, ‘How many of them do I have real data for?’”

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