Mysteries of the Moon: Indisputable proof of the existence of aliens has been discovered in the form of a 25-mile long UFO (OVNI) that baffles scientists. From its unusual shape to its ability to defy obvious laws of physics, this unidentified object raises more questions than it answers. Join us on this exciting journey into the unknown and learn everything we know so far about this lunar UFO(OVNI). Is it really an alien ship, or is there a more conventional explanation behind it.


the discovery of a 25-mile-long UFO on the Moon by alien hunters has prompted claims of “undeniable proof” of extraterrestrial activity on our lunar satellite. A long, dark-looking structure was reportedly shown in a NASA photograph, but the space agency is reluctant to confirm this. At least one UFO researcher claims this, adding that aliens live on earth’s moon.

the startling claim was made by well-known conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring, who also explained how he believes the spacecraft works.

According to Mr. Waring, the UFO can land anywhere it chooses due to its flat surface.

this black structure was discovered today, the alien searcher said on its Et Data Base site.

“I frequently report such black structures, but this is a ship and flat on the bottom, allowing it to land in various places; this one has landed inside a crater on the Moon.

Alien News: “Undeniable Proof” of a 25-mile-long UFO on the Moon

“Aliens hide buildings, and NASA often misses them due to lack of training to locate them.”

Some conspiracy theorists say the Moon could be inhabited by aliens, which is why NASA hasn’t sent another mission since the Apollo missions ended in 1972.

they believe that discoveries like this alleged facility and other anomalies could be ancient extraterrestrial monuments like the pyramids and other structures on earth.

the Moon has long been alleged to be a hotbed of extraterrestrial activity, and some people believe that NASA is fully aware of the alien presence.

Pareidolia is a psychological condition in which the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar things or shapes when they don’t exist, according to skeptics and NASA, who say the structure and other similar findings are simply the result of this phenomenon.

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