I Tried To Save 3 Skinny Kittens From The Streets,That they doesn’t eat long Time! Animals in Crisis

Today I saw three poor kittens abandoned in the pagoda. First, I see only one kitten sleeping on the ground. He looks so skinny and hungry. Then I see another kitten come to sleep near each other. After that, I go to take the bag to put the
two kittens in. Unbelievable. When I am back to take the two kittens, there is one more kitten coming to sleep at that place. So there are three kittens. I think that they are siblings.

Now I bring them to my home. They are so hungry. They eat chicken meat so fast. After eating, I take a bath and clean their faces. Moreover, I observed their health today. Tomorrow, I will take them to check their health in the hospital.

In fact, I need to take them to the hospital because they are stray cats. They can have a disease that I can see on their bodies, like FPV. To make sure they are fine, doing the test for them is the best choice.

In addition, the doctor checks up on their health better than me. You know, taking the stray kittens to the hospital can prevent infectious diseases from the cats and kittens that live in my home as well. Finally, I hope that everyone can get this information, and please kindly join me in helping these poor kittens. Thanks 🙏

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