A new theory suggests that UFO(OVNI) aliens may be hibernating, which could explain why we haven’t found any other life in the universe yet.

Scientists have found a rather interesting reason why we haven’t found aliens yet, a profile known as the Fermi Paradox (if life is so abundant, where is it all?).


This idea was proposed in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, with a preprint available in arXiv.

Some believe that a civilization much more advanced than ours could become a digital race.

If we are not alone in the universe (for which we have no evidence yet), one could further propose that an advanced alien race could have followed this route.

The temperature of the universe right now is 3 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero.

“Therefore, we suggest the ‘estimate hypothesis,'” the researchers write in their paper, adding that “the reason we don’t offer manifestations of extraterrestrial civilizations is that they are currently (mostly


Our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

An advanced digital alien race could reach the point where they have fully explored part of the universe.

The authors certainly don’t think this theory is correct, especially since we don’t have proof that we’re not alone yet.

“[We] personally believe that the most likely reason we don’t see extraterrestrials is not that they estimate, but simply that they either don’t exist or are very far away,” Sanderg wrote in a

Additionally, they provide a way to find aliens that are esteemed.

This theory will not thrive without its detractors.

Speculation abounds these days about the Fermi Paradox and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.


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