Swan Hugs The Man Who Rescued It By Wrapping Her Neck Around Him

Swans are not particularly affectionate or approachable animals. They’re territorial and can be quite intimidating. Which is why the moment when an injured swan hugged Richard Wiese, the host of the television show “Born to Explore” is so touching.

A few years back, Wiese was visiting the U.K.’s Abbotsbury Swannery when he ran into the swan who had been injured after flying into a chain-link fence. Wiese helped to examine the swan by holding her.

“When I put it next to me I could feel its heart beating and it just relaxed its neck and wrapped it around mine,” Wiese told ABC News. “It’s a wonderful moment when an animal totally trusts you.”

“I pulled it to my chest and somehow it felt comfortable or safe”


“I could feel its heart beating and it just relaxed its neck and wrapped it around mine”


Wiese helped to examine the injured swan by holding her


“It’s a really terrific feeling when you feel that bond and mutual trust with this non-verbally communicating animal…”


“…when the animal realizes you intend it no harm”


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