Arizona the Dog Who D.ied Protecting Her Puppy and Texas the Surviving Hero

In a heart-wrenching scene, we discovered a mother dog, Arizona, and her puppy, Texas, in a desolate area. Arizona was chained, unable to protect her other five puppies who had succumbed to starvation.

Texas remained by his mother’s side, desperately trying to lift her up and shield her from further harm. We rushed them to a veterinary clinic, where despite our best efforts, Arizona passed away. Her loss left Texas devastated.

Texas began showing signs of illness and was diagnosed with pneumonia. He requires ongoing care, including blood tests, X-rays, and hospitalization.

Despite his loss and health struggles, Texas has an indomitable spirit. He has learned to sit and enjoys the company of people and other dogs. We are hopeful for his recovery and ultimate adoption.

Texas is now named Checo and has found a loving forever home with a family who has provided him with affection, comfort, and the warmth he deserves. We know that his mother, Arizona, watches over him, and we believe that brighter days lie ahead for Checo.

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